Would You Love Me?

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From the eloquent heart of poet Alexzenia Davis comes an illustrated book of poems that brings to bear all the anxieties, expectations, and passion from a woman on the precipice of giving herself entirely to a man. Would You Love Me? is a book of heartfelt verses that beg the question to be answered.

The book, a poetic piece, is broken only by illustrations that aptly symbolize the feelings and emotions contained within each particular part of the composition. The author delves into her inner emotions, ultimately pressing the idea of true and undeniable love; even under unfavorable circumstances. Past the initial interrogation, she explores the possibilities of a love so limitless…it’s daring. Although there is a hint of vulnerability in her words, the poem portrays much of the inner emotional strength that is present in all women.



Barnes & Noble (Also available on Nook)

Xlibris (Publisher)


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