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There is a flavor possessed by the city that never sleeps, something distinct and unique, yet intangible. The spirit, personality, vision, and conviction New York breeds come to life in the words of one native, author Alexzenia Davis. Accompanied by Marielis Gumbs’ photography, portraying the urban landscapes of the Big Apple, this compilation of Davis’ poetry, New-York-A-Tude, focusing on an array of topics — from love to politics, religion to activism— promises to engage, enrage, and entertain readers everywhere.

New-York-A-Tude is a compilation of the poetry Davis has written over the years. Choosing poems most representative of her feelings and attitude while growing up in the city, not only is her collection a beautiful book, it is sincere. It is poetry that Davis personally believes many people can appreciate — from avid poetry-lovers to romantics. It is thought-provoking and blunt, yet sophisticated and smooth, much like the titular city itself. It is a fantastic display of the multidimensional and dynamic characteristics that New Yorkers are not shy to show.

“I want readers to have an all-around experience when reading my poetry. From the font to the photography, I want everyone to be moved by the words… and I want them to be visually stunned,” Davis shares.

Through her work, Davis invites readers to dive into their emotions. New-York-A-Tude gives them a rare chance to wade through the thoughts and feelings of a life-long resident of one of the greatest metropolis in the world, an exploration of the wide range of emotions that come with having lived in the city that never sleeps.



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