Lessons Learned…

I decided to fast. I decided on a Wednesday && began on a Thursday… and ya girl stayed messin’ up. I’m not proud of the lack of integrity I’ve shown throughout… but I can say that I’ve heard God loud & clear. I can say that He’s pulled me close. && I can say that He’s taught me something in a time where I thought no one could possibly get through to me.

Ya girl stays learning.

So here are some lessons learned

Lessons learned (from my second fast):

  •  Less talking, more doing: I’ve wasted so much time over the last month venting rather than buckling down and working what I have (money, time, opportunity, etc.)
  • More time with God: I’ve been disappointed with a lot of the convos that I’ve been having with friends lately… and I’ve realized that many of those convos should have been with God first and/or only. I can still talk to my friends of course, but they’re not who I need to be seeking advice or approval from.
  •  Ask for what I want: My new phrase is “pray honestly, wait faithfully”… and so, without disclaimers, I’m going to ask for what I want. And if what I want happens to be God’s will, then it will be done. If not, then something greater will be done. Period. But I’m no longer going to apologize for wanting what I want… no matter how outlandish it sounds to anyone else.

Those are my lessons learned. && I’m still learning.

Pray honestly & wait faithfully!


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