For All My Single Ladies…

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Hi, I’m Alexzenia Davis and I crave comfort.

Yea, man… I’m a comfort-holic. If you’re not, then slow clap for you, I guess. But, this girl right here… she wants a dude to cuddle with. I’m just being completely honest!

This is not about sex or anything promiscuous. In fact, last year I made the decision to be celibate. (Not that temptation isn’t real… but I’m just saying, I’m completely dedicated to that decision.) So when I say comfort, I literally mean that I desire to feel one with someone.

Why is this a problem? While it’s not the worst thing in the world to desire the company of another, it can be counter-productive; especially for those of us searching for a solid Christian relationship. If we spend too much time craving comfort and not enough time seeking God, we’ll begin to stray. It may be subtle. It may be unconscious. But it will happen. That’s why it’s good to check ourselves before we’re in too deep.

So let me hit all my single ladies with some quick tips to help you stay focused on your spiritual walk! [Feel free to jump to the end to watch the video!]

Tip 1 – The Prayer: “God be my comfort.” Ask God to fill the void. Ask Him to be your main source of comfort during this season of singledom and man-deprivation. (LOL.) BUT–and this is an important one–also ask Him to remain as your source of comfort even after you’ve landed bae. You never want a man to replace God in any facet. (&& hey… if you’re really struggling with this, ask God to assist you in finding a tangible way of feeling comforted: a church group, more girls nights, a good book, etc.)

Tip 2 – The Commandment: “Do not covet” To covet means to “yearn to possess or have something.” Are you currently coveting somebody? Maybe an ex? Maybe that guy you’re “talking to”? Not good! They belong to God and you belong to Him too. Give your crush some space to experience God’s place in their life while you take some time to do the same. I don’t mean stop seeing them. But if you are yearning to call them every hour (or every night), it will serve you good to redirect that energy toward prayer or something more spiritual in nature.

Tip 3 – Your Circle: Do you have an accountability partner? Do you have a sister circle? Chances are, you aren’t the only person in your crew battling feelings of loneliness or infatuation. Take some time to reach out to your girls and see how you can work together to strengthen your walk with God while still keeping yourself open to love!

Listen… the point isn’t to lose your desire for romance. You just want to tame it. We don’t want to become comfort-holics. We want to be women who are whole and happy and open to whomever God may bring. And we can’t do that if we are junkies for the wrong type of comfort.

Keep it together y’all!

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