Going Under…


I went under. And by this I mean: I’m off social media for a quick minute.

It’s given me time to appreciate, and even crave, the presence of my friends. We are all “social beings”–yes, even the introverts. We all desire to be heard in some way. We all live to break bread and share stories with others–whether they’re close companions or strangers.

So, by not having social media as an outlet to do so, I’ve been more intentional with my communication. I’ve been more personal with my conversation. I’ve written more. I’ve formulated my own thoughts. Social media calls for a lot of jaded communication: half the time you’re responding to others, rather than forming your own unadulterated opinion.

I’ve been less distracted; which was the whole point of this thing anyway. I’m enjoying that peace. And I hope to carry it with me when I resurface.

See you up top,


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