A Moment in Time…


I’m on hiatus from so many things–namely social media. I need a break from everything that I consider even remotely distracting. My energy’s been shot lately. Fortunately (?), many of my friends are going through similar things, mood-wise.

2016 ended on such a melancholy note that, once the ball dropped, we all expected some grand emotional shift. Maybe we should attribute our roller-coaster moods to “disappointment” rather than actual “drama.” Nevertheless, the collective stress is palpable and it is seeping into everything–conversation, work, sleep patterns, thoughts, decisions…

I drudged up old stories in the past few weeks and I allowed them to occupy my time. And my space (theoretically speaking).

One thing I am focusing on from this point forward, is doing right by my time. When you value time, you make each second matter. Like… “matter.” Something tangible. You give yourself permission to say, “no.” You challenge yourself to the utmost efficiency. You feel accomplished. You take care of business. You budget in time for pastimes; realizing that it is still time. And all of your time is well spent.

I’ve not valued time and, in turn, I’ve allowed myself time to wallow in bad energy, negative thoughts and old stories.

I am looking forward to 2017. For real, this time.

Take your time, love…

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