LET IT GO… (preach, girl)


“Sometimes you have to let go of past offenses in order to fulfill your purpose.”

–Alexzenia Davis


It is so tempting to take hold of all that anger and hurl it in the direction of anyone who dare cross you. >:o >:o >:o >:o

But STOP! That’s the enemy!

Don’t misunderstand me… There is nothing wrong with addressing an issue head on. …But, not every situation warrants a drawn-out discussion or a dramatic reaction.

I recently faced this sort of dilemma. Upset over a tiny disagreement, I spent hours contemplating my reaction. Was I going to dip-on-that-a**? (…Go M.I.A.) Was I going to snap out? (<– I’m good for it!) Or was I going to ignore it? (Silent sulkerrrr.)

Now, in relation to this person, I had been previously tasked with something divine. It was literally something asked of me by God. In my anger, I almost allowed myself to forego my purpose in favor of being petty. All because I was offended.

Now, my situation was majorly minor. Not every offense in life is so easily reconcilable. However… every dilemma, every issue and every situation serves a purpose. 

Sometimes you have to let go of past offenses in order to fulfill your purpose. And honestly, it’s one of those rare cases where it’s easier done than said. If you speak on it too much, you will talk yourself back into your anger. You will justify your anger; and many times, your anger will be justifiable.

But you won’t win.

And you won’t serve anybody.

Not the person, not the issue, not God… and NOT your self.

Be mad and be sad. But only for a moment. Then, quietly–with little conversation and fan-fare–put it behind you.

Take the lesson from the fire and find its purpose.


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