Husband Diaries 01: Me, You, Him…


I really want God to reveal himself to my future husband. That is, if He hasn’t already.

I say this because, my future husband must have a relationship with God. I want him to know God on the deepest and most personal level.

I want him to know what it’s like to talk to Him… to be embraced by Him… to lean on Him… to cry to Him… to seek Him before the storm… or during the storm… and after the storm. To praise Him in the clear. To laugh with Him… just because. To know what God sounds like, and looks like and feels like. To really recognize God. To recognize what is not of God. I want Him to be overcome with bliss at the thought of God. I want Him to be completely humbled by God. And when my future husband speaks of God, I want our descriptions to match.

So it got me to thinking… 🤔

Maybe I should be a reflection of what it is that I’m asking for. 🤗

After all, I want a love that resembles God. 😇

And I am praying that God reveal himself to my future husband. 🙏

I will recognize my future husband because I will see God in him. 😍

Likewise, he’ll only recognize me if he sees God in me. 🙃


I wrote down the adjectives that I would use to describe God. These words represent all that I hope to be…

patient. consistent. gentle. understanding. firm. clear. CREATIVE. good. sense of peace. strong. righteous judgment. in love. full of integrity. faithful. secure. helpful. hopeful. EXCITING. direct. inviting. giving. FORGIVING. harmless. alive. present. comforting. loving. confident. powerful.

…I’ll be that. 😉

ADSig - Copy


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