In the Tongue of Love…

Allie Changs

Speaking in the tongue of love, I’m SOOOOOO sick of not saying what it is that I feel. Of always finding a way to shield myself from expressing exactly what I want. Nine times out of ten, when you finally allow yourself to be raw enough to get it all out, people will line up to quiet you. …To simply remind you that you could have it all. …Or that you’ve had it all. That you had a great man, but gave him up. Or that at another point, you had a soul-stirring romance, but that one didn’t want you.

…But there is no template for “all.” And “all” is always a mystery until spoken. 

I’m so sick of not being able to just say that I want a man who I will fawn over by simply closing my eyes and picturing his face. One who will desire me so intensely that my insecurities won’t have room to grow. A relationship that will feel so simple, I’ll wonder if I didn’t just dream it up. One at which God will nod; one that He’ll reach down and kiss. A man whose flaws will seem precious (when I’m done being annoyed).

One whose heart I’d view as fragile; but whose mind, body and soul will prove undoubtedly strong.

I want to laugh every day of my life and smile every hour of my day. I want to live freely with zero “fall back game,” trusting that I will forever be thoroughly respected. I want my realism to exist only at the center of pure optimism and joy. And at the core of my realism, may there rest my faith. I don’t want him to lie. I don’t want him to deceive. I don’t want him to pressure. I don’t want him to rush. I want him to listen. And I want him to laugh, too. I just want him to feel. I want to turn the same pages at the same time, with interlocked fingers, perfect vision and at the most comforting pace.

And I want to say all this without anyone feeling disrespected…

or offended…

or pressured…

…or any emotion that would discourage me from speaking what will be one of my greatest blessings into existence. ❤️


Alexzenia Davis

ADSig - Copy

“My mind && my heart are the perfect couple. Try to con my mind into leaving my heart behind…

One always brings the other back into the equation.” — Alexzenia Davis


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