Instead of partying at Cosmos…

This year I made a lot of changes. They weren’t easy, but they were all things that I either wanted or felt that I needed to do.


Second change: Church. I found one.

I don’t believe that going to church every Sunday makes you a better Christian. I don’t believe that not having a church home means that you don’t have a relationship with God. I’ve always had a deep connection with God. He’s gotten me through so much and He’s saved me from a lot. But I’ve never felt a true connection with any church aside from the one I went to as a child in New York.

When I lived in L.A., I couldn’t find one church that I trusted. If I feel a pastor strays from the word—I run. When I moved to Charlotte last September (2013)—I also lived here for four years while attending college—I live streamed the service from New York.

Finally I attended bible study one night at this small church and loved it; so I started attending regularly. About 2 or 3 services in… it happened. He preached a sermon in which he completely manipulated a few of the bible passages to prove his point. I was not only turned off, but pretty scared.

As with anything, there was some good that came out of it. I applied part of the message to the parts of my life that needed it the most. For instance—this particular sermon helped nudge me toward the sober life; something that I felt God wanted me to do. It wasn’t what helped me quit… but it urged me to reevaluate some things.

During this time, a former boss of mine invited me to her church. After the first service, I fell in love. Not typically a fan of large churches, there was something that captivated me about this one. I truly felt the presence of God and I was so ecstatic. At first, I’d go alone. Then I realized that many of my friends already attended.

Church has taken on a greater role in my life. As much as I’m surrounded by people who have different beliefs than I do—which is totally OK—I like knowing that I have some place to go where I can grow amongst like-minded individuals. It’s good for me!


Who knew that I’d look forward to Sunday church service at Elevation more than the Friday night parties at Cosmos?


Not I!

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