Word for Word

Allie Stripes

Sometimes I can’t help but sit in amazement, completely awestruck by the way God answers my prayers. I’ve always believed in Him, and in His presence and grace. Ever since I was a child, I’ve prayed conversational prayers; remaining in constant dialogue. And I’ve always believed that He was my protector.

Yet, I still get starry-eyed when He answers those prayers. …Those, oh so specific ramblings. There are times when He delivers in the most unexpected, but pointed way. It makes me want to cry, or shout or scream (all happy things, of course). It makes me excited to know Him. It makes me never want to not know Him.

Of course, He’s answered countless prayers on my behalf–and I don’t take any of them lightly. But there are three times in recent history where God has shown me extreme favor through absolute clarity. There have been three instances where my prayers were answered in ways that stunned me… and not a moment too late.

Here’s to the first time… Continue reading